Baila Brazil

Summer sizzled even more than we thought was possible when us Theatre Bloggers headed to see Baila Brazil at the Southbank Centre on Thursday!

Baila Brazil Theatrebloggers outing

We all had a fabulous taste of all things Brazilian last year amid the world cup (yes, even us theatre types like a bit of football sometimes) and we were keen for more when we were invited to dance the night away with the Balé de Rua in their hot new show, running until 15th August.

Despite the lack of signal in the otherwise endlessly fabulous Southbank Centre entrance hall, we just about managed to congregate and headed in to the auditorium for 85 minutes of non stop, hot dance action.

Baila Brazil theatrebloggers

The gang contemplating a dance off.

The show itself was a fantastic fusion of dances with some, erm, rather “well trained” (god like 6-packed) dancers. A few of us bloggers swooned, but ultimately we were mostly fascinated by their skilled movement. Wozers.

You can read ALL about the bloggers thoughts on the show in their personal blogs (links below) but for now, let’s discuss the post show DANCE CLASS. Yes, dance class.

Despite our varying dance skills, we all gave it a good old wiggle and giggle on the dance floor, led by the fabulous cast of the show. As our lovely blogger, Roma, put it, we were certainly “shaking what our mumma gave us!”

Whilst we might not have quite been ready to join the Balé de Rua (video below – no judging us!) we were ready for a few caprihana’s and luckily these tasty babies were on hand!

What better evening than an evening spent with the bloggers watching expert dancing, learning from the masters and drinking delicious cocktails? NONE WE TELLS YA!

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