King John at the Rose Theatre, Kingston

Although many of us have visited the glorious Rose Theatre in Kingston before, this was our first official theatrebloggers outing to this lovely theatre on thebanks of the Thames. We braved train strikes and bad weather but it was worth it to see one of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays ‘King John‘ directed by Trevor Nunn.

When Richard the Lionheart dies, his youngest brother John gleefully takes his place despite claims from the French that the throne should go to his nephew, Prince Arthur. As war is declared between England and France an inheritance dispute is brought before the King by Richard’s illegitimate son, Philip Faulconbridge. Who will end up on the throne of England… and what will it take to get that crown?

So once our bloggers had stopped pretending they were royalty did they enjoy the play?

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More details and buy tickets here


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Reviews of a different kind

Recently we were asked if our Bloggers would like to write a review on a particularly #Stagey book.

Over the past year, photographer Matt Humphrey was given unprecedented access go backstage and photograph over 50 London theatre productions.

Curtain Call: A Year Backstage in London Theatre is a coffee table sized photography book of Matt’s incredible photographs and backstage interviews from actor/director John Schwab.

Three of our wonderful Bloggers took to the challenge and this is what they thought!

In the Spotlight
The Bardette
Page to Stage Reviews

The Bardette (also known as the lovely Rebecca Usher) published some Q&As with Matt Humphreys as well which make fabulous reading.

Definately one for any theatre fan’s coffee table – what do you think?

Photo By Zarina De Ruiter.


Calling New Bloggers

We are getting a lot of interest at the moment from Regional Theatres so if you haven’t joined TheatreBloggers yet, what are you waiting for? Regional Theatres are waiting for you to review shows!

Currently we are looking for reviewers in Reading and Worthing.

Caz has recently joined us and had her first theatreblogger outing recently to thr Reading Rep to see a play called German Skerries.

george-evans-in-german-skerries_orange-tree-theatre_up-in-arms_photo-by-manuel-harlanWhat: German Skerries
Where: Reading Rep
When: 7th April

What our blogger thought!
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Mini Meet-Up

Last week a few #ldntheatrebloggers gathered at the Theatre Cafe on Shaftesbury Avenue to share a few thoughts and chat about theatre.

And what a wonderful place to do so! Not only does this marvellous place sell lovely coffee and hot chocolate but the walls, tables and even the toilets are adorned with theatre memorabilia.

Theatre Cafe (2) Theatre cafe (3) Theatre Cafe (4) Theatre Cafe

For those who missed the tweet-outs about the event, never fear, we are hoping to meet up on a much more regular basis. Watch this space.

Read what Emma had to say about the mini-meet-up here


All the Fun!

Wow, Doesn’t time fly?

Over Christmas we were very busy and instead of big outings we had numerous smaller soirees keeping us very busy.

How do you define a ‘Christmas Show?’ We saw a few, a panto, Goodnight Mr Tom and thanks to the Hawth in Crawley we are now #regionalbloggers as well as #ldntheatrebloggers, there will be more regional opportunities very soon. Please watch this space.

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Robin Hood - Copy

What: Robin Hood
Where: Theatre Royal Stratford East
When: Wednesday 16th December

What our bloggers thought!

Laura Peatman
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Goodnight mister tom

Goonight Mr Tom
Duke of York’s Theatre, London

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The Hawth Crawley

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Lots more trips coming up! Don’t forget to join us.


Sammi and Rebecca xxx



La Soirée

Another TheatreBloggers trip and this time it was to something completely different!

La Soiree - Banner

Ten TheatreBloggers were invited to the Spiegeltent on the Southbank to see the latest offering from La Soirée.  In it’s sixth year in London La Soirée is a cross between a  circus, a cabaret and a party so it was no wonder our bloggers jumped at the chance to attend.

La Soirée is an ever-changing line up of some of the best acts in the world and features guest appearances from local and international artists throughout the season. The daily line-up changes so you are alway guaranteed a suprising and entertaining night out and audiences return season after season.

So were we psyched up or left cold from the acts La Soirée had to offer? You can read the blogs below. Happy reading

Until next time.

Theatre Bloggers xx

Who went:

Grumpy Gay Critic
Emma Kay
Paul in London
The Plays the Thing
The Bardette
Kate J Wilson
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The Gizzle Review

Do you have a blog and want to be included in our trips? It is a great way to meet other like minded people and enjoy theatre together. Simply get in touch. We are waiting to hear from you…


The Sting

TheatreBloggers were invited to attend the opening night of The Sting in the newly refurbished (and pretty darn BEAUTIFUL) Wilton’s Music Hall!

Wilton’s is an amazing venue – the oldest surviving Grand Music Hall in the world, tucked away in London’s East End, to enter is like stepping back in time!

When we say ‘refurbished’, essentially we are referring to the charities behind Wilton’s Music Hall basically making the venue structurally safe in all areas. Rest assured, this old gem very much still oozes history and its original charm. I think it is safe to say we were all unanimous in our venue appreciation!

The Sting is a brand new play by David Rogers, based on the 1970′ film of the same name. The show is set in the 1930’s Depression era and is rife with jazz music, mobsters and con artists who will stop at nothing to trick their way to the top. Sounds like a hoot, right?

The building’s glorious architecture coupled with the show’s narrative very much transported us back in time to a ’30s speakeasy. There was music, singing, games of craps and con artists roaming around thrilling the audience…and that was even before the show had even started!

But what did we think to the show? OBVIOUSLY we congregated with wine, but were we STUNG by THE STING? You can read the bloggers full write ups on the show below- happy reading!

Until next time,

Theatre Bloggers x

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Baila Brazil

Summer sizzled even more than we thought was possible when us Theatre Bloggers headed to see Baila Brazil at the Southbank Centre on Thursday!

Baila Brazil Theatrebloggers outing

We all had a fabulous taste of all things Brazilian last year amid the world cup (yes, even us theatre types like a bit of football sometimes) and we were keen for more when we were invited to dance the night away with the Balé de Rua in their hot new show, running until 15th August.

Despite the lack of signal in the otherwise endlessly fabulous Southbank Centre entrance hall, we just about managed to congregate and headed in to the auditorium for 85 minutes of non stop, hot dance action.

Baila Brazil theatrebloggers

The gang contemplating a dance off.

The show itself was a fantastic fusion of dances with some, erm, rather “well trained” (god like 6-packed) dancers. A few of us bloggers swooned, but ultimately we were mostly fascinated by their skilled movement. Wozers.

You can read ALL about the bloggers thoughts on the show in their personal blogs (links below) but for now, let’s discuss the post show DANCE CLASS. Yes, dance class.

Despite our varying dance skills, we all gave it a good old wiggle and giggle on the dance floor, led by the fabulous cast of the show. As our lovely blogger, Roma, put it, we were certainly “shaking what our mumma gave us!”

Whilst we might not have quite been ready to join the Balé de Rua (video below – no judging us!) we were ready for a few caprihana’s and luckily these tasty babies were on hand!

What better evening than an evening spent with the bloggers watching expert dancing, learning from the masters and drinking delicious cocktails? NONE WE TELLS YA!

Until next time,

Theatre Bloggers x

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