The Plough and the Stars – National Theatre

We are LOVING sending bloggers to the National Theatre on the Southbank, we have had so very successful trips so far with The Threepenny Opera and The Deep Blue Sea!

What is apparent is how our bloggers all take something a little different away from the productions. This is the beauty of theatre, it can mean different things to different people.

This week we sent another five bloggers to the National once again this time to see Sean O’Casey’s The Plough and the Stars which runs at the Lyttleton Theatre until Oct 22nd.

Based around the Easter Rising  in Ireland during 1916, the play deals with residents of a Dublin tenement and their lives during the most pivotal events in Irish history.

What did our Bloggers think? Take a read…..

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The Play’s the Thing


THE PLOUGH AND THE STARS by Sean O’Casey, is running at the Lyttelton Theatre until October 22nd as part of the Travelex £15 tickets season – More details and to buy tickets click here.