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London’s performance industry is BOOMING and with more work for the stage being created than ever, it is only natural that there would be a massive group of people who liked to write about their theatre going experiences. However until 2014, many had never met one another, let alone worked together as a unified group.

The creation of London Theatre Bloggers

On going to the theatre alone so often, Rebecca Felgate started to recognise the same faces in the audience on press and media nights. What was more awkward was that she knew who they were as she followed most of them on twitter. Finding it ridiculous that she had never spoken to many of these people she chose to introduce herself to them. Inviting as many theatre bloggers as she knew of out for gin in June 2014 (kindly funded by Rebecca’s former company, she started a conversation between a group of like minded writers that has continued to this day, thriving alongside the ever expanding industry.


On that wonderful gin fuelled evening, the group decided unanimously that we would form a hashtag so we could search for each others writing easily. Thus the hashtag #LDNtheatrebloggers was created and , up until the purchase of, it came to be known as the umbrella term for our group. We continue to use the hashtag for our writing that has a London based connection, but the group has now expanded beyond the capital, so this is no longer a representative term for our group.

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  1. Madelaine Bowman

    Hi there,

    I’m a London-based writer, blogger and theatre reviewer with a particular interest in new writing. I’d love to join the community and get involved if you’re still looking for contributors?

    Best wishes,


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